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with Estrella Damm


28 Dec 2023

On November 22nd, Estrella Damm orchestrated an extraordinary culinary event, bringing together three of their esteemed Chef Ambassadors. Mark Birchall teamed up with Andrew Pern and Tom De Keyser to curate an exclusive gastronomic extravaganza featuring a collective of five Michelin stars, complemented by a Michelin Green Star (Moor Hall). The trio co-hosted an exceptional evening of fine dining within the historic Grade-II listed York Minster Refectory.

Mark’s dishes included Butter-poached Turbot, Mussel, Artichoke, and Roe Sauce, as well as Garden Apples and Gooseberries with Woodruff and Birch Sap.

Experience the highlights of this unforgettable event in the video below.






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